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European Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Association

01 Mar 2019

The European Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Association was created in 1988 to promote the interests of producers of AAC (Aircrete)and their National associations across Europe, one of which is the APA here in the UK.

We've Rebranded!

28 Feb 2018

We've recently undergone a rebrand, with a new logo and colour ways, reflecting the innovative nature of our product group.

APA Support The MMA Response To The Housing White Paper

05 May 2017

The Modern Masonry Alliance has shared their response to the Government's Housing Whitepaper. As a sector producing UK manufactured bricks, blocks and mortar the MMA are encouraged that the Government has responded by focussing on increasing the supply of homes, and the ambition of delivering a million new homes in England by 2020. Broadly, the industry is responding to this need. Throughout the UK there was significant investment in 2016, and there is further investment for 2017, for example old plants are being replaced to increase production rates or new additional production lines.

Availability Of Pulverised Fuel Ash And Impact On Aircrete Block Manufacture

01 Jul 2016

One of the constituent materials used to manufacture aircrete blocks is Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA) which is produced during the generation of electricity from coal fired power stations.  PFA is by no means the only material that can be used to manufacture aircrete blocks, but many of our members use PFA as the primary raw material for block production.

Fire Detailing Guide

26 Jan 2016

This new Fire Detailing Guide has been produced by Building Alliance CIC and has been endorsed by LABC.
The document covers fire details for masonry and as well as providing guidance to help understand regulations it also covers a range of topics including fire-stopping, construction details and after handvoer - fire safety orders.  

LABC Registered Construction Details

01 Aug 2015

The LABC have recently released Registered Construction Details to help and support builders by providing standard designs and specifications for the construction of junctions, ensuring thermal performance throughout the build. The APA is pleased to support this initiative for the construction of masonry homes.  

Aircrete Manufacturing Acts On Demand For New Housing

02 Feb 2015

There is much current debate around the need to build 200,000 homes per annum to satisfy the country’s growing demand, regardless of the mix between private and social housing. It is the number agreed by all interested parties on the levels of housing needed to begin reducing the waiting list for UK homes.