48th ICT Convention Symposium 2020

19 Feb 2020

UPDATED 16/03/2020: The Institute of Concrete Technology's 48th ICT Convention Symposium - "Concrete: Getting More for Less" - has been postponed from it's original date of Thursday 19th March 2020 until an as-yet-unconfirmed date in September. More information to follow.

The Institute of Concrete Technology will be holding their 48th ICT Convention Symposium - "Concrete: Getting More for Less" - on Thursday 19th March 2020 at Stratford Manor Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon. 

It is fair to say that efficiency and effectiveness are cornerstones in the construction sector and with concrete making and use in particular. In pursuing these objectives the mantra “getting more from less” rings true. It can be difficult to quantify what is meant by “more” and “less” when dealing with issues such as sustainability and the environment. Benefit from one standpoint may well be regarded as a liability from another. Recent reaction to global warming and weather change brings these contradicting issues into sharp perspective. This ICT Convention Symposium will be an opportunity to be updated and to debate concrete technology issues.

For more information please visit: http://ict.concrete.org.uk or download a booking form here.

Principal sponsor: GCP Applied Technologies